Stroke: Stem cells have been shown to grow new hair in scientific studies. Today doctors are able to use those techniques to

Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes is being treated in over 150 clinical trials with stem cells. The extent of recovery has varied but the therapy holds tremendous promise.

MS: From Japan to Jordan stem cells are being tested on treating MS. Latest advances in experimental treatments in the US have shown exceptional promise.

Parkinson’s Disease: patients develop difficulties with motor skills due to a progressive reduction in the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Mesenchymal stem cells that differentiate to become dopamine secreting cells in the brain have an ability to reverse this decline and see improved motor functions.

Stem cell therapy is a type of treatment option that uses stem cells to help repair damaged tissue causing chronic disease and repair injured joints. The therapy is usually performed relatively quickly through injections or infusions as an in office procedure.

Q. What part of the body can be treated with Stem Cell Therapy?

A. Most areas of the body can be treated. Currently there are thousands of clinical trials in process studying hundreds of treatments. See clinicaltrials.gov

Q. What are the risks?

A. As with all medical treatments there is a varying degree of risk. Today there are literally thousands of stem cell treatments being done daily. There are few reported adverse effects.

Q. Will it cure my condition?

A. Stem cell treatments are effective for many conditions. Every individual responds uniquely to treatment. Stem Cell Therapy treatments vary significantly. We research continually to find the latest solutions for the clients we serve.

Q. Is there a cost for your patient advocacy service?

A. No we are paid by the network of providers we serve. Our network is continually expanding as we identify the most successful treatments available and add those trusted providers.

Skin: As we age we naturally loose the elasticity in our skin that keeps it smooth. Stem cell are injected into the derma layer and are able to restore natural elasticity.

Orthopedics: With over 100 clinical trials underway for the treatment of joint issues including osteoarthritis and daily treatments of joints using stem cells the science of medicine has embraced the practice in everyday medicine. We have ll heard of high profile athletes returning to careers that previously would have ended had it not been for stem cell treatments.

Hair Loss: Every day we lose between 40-100 hairs of the 100,000+ on our heads. As we age half of the male population and 30% of females lose the ability to replace the hairs at the rate they fall out. Stem cells have been shown to grow new hair in scientific studies. Today doctors are able to use those techniques to restore hair loss naturally. The procedure is non-invasive and effective.

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