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Empowered Patient helps connect those in need of cancer treatment with facilities in the business of treating cancer.

Value Proposition

By providing cancer treatment facilities with higher value patients, we increase their revenue and profitability.

In return, we earn a fair return by charging for our marketing and facilitation services.

Long gone are the days when newly diagnosed cancer patients, feeling overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis, blindly follow their physician’s advice. Recent trends, including the proliferation of information available online, insurance shifts that now place a larger financial burden on the patient, and increasing consumer empowerment, have dramatically altered the way in which patients are paired with treating facilities. These trends support our business model.

Empowered Patient inserts itself into the decision-making process by providing patients and caregivers with a simple but powerful way to make better treatment decisions. We drive demand by leveraging performance-based-media partnerships to generate leads to Empowered Patient, and then convert that demand by transitioning the leads to the client cancer treatment facility best meeting the patient’s needs. Empowered Patient profits from the payments received from client cancer treatment facilities, while at the same time supporting the goals of our media partners.

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Our Expertise

We know cancer patients, perhaps as well as anyone. Members of our team have been discussing treatment options with cancer patients and caregivers for more than 15 years now and, in that time, have spread a message of hope and healing that has touched virtually all Americans. We’ve helped to generate more than five million calls and have measured, monitored and analyzed many of those calls. We’ve developed and refined our calls to action, call scripts, and decision facilitation processes. We’ve coached and counselled the folks who answer the calls and help patents and caregivers to make better decisions, and we’ve worked with medical professionals to explore better treatment options. We’ve even worked closely with charitable organizations to raise millions of dollars to support cancer research.

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