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Attracted by our direct response advertising efforts, people facing a cancer challenge either fill out an online form or call our oncology information hotline. Using a proprietary algorithm, we’re able to identify the treating facilities that most closely match with the person’s needs. We then connect the person with the treating facility and the facility works with the person to bring them in for treatment. The process is free to the person contacting us and Empowered is compensated by the facility for facilitating the connection.

There are four major groups of people facing a cancer challenge: the newly diagnosed who seek a confirmation of their diagnosis; the newly diagnosed who seek treatment options other than those recommended by the oncologist who made the diagnosis; those already in treatment but unhappy with their current treating facility; and those who have either gone through treatment unsuccessfully or who have experienced a recurrence of the cancer.

How People Contact Us

All our ads will contain messages of hope and healing, the importance of making the right decision and getting into treatment quickly, and the availability our free service to help make a better treatment decision. We’ll use multiple platforms to reach those who are in the process of deciding what to do next.

How We Market

Using all we know about cancer, treatment options, the cost of treatment, and what cancer patients may value, we have developed a list of questions and a proprietary algorithm to help match individuals with specific cancer treatment facilities. The survey may be taken entirely online or can be facilitated by a trained call center representative.

Bringing the Patient and Cancer Centers Together

Using the algorithm, our call center rep identifies the facility best meeting the caller’s need and connects the person with a rep from the facility.  Once the hand-off is made, the facility rep and caller discuss options, and schedule an appointment.  At this point, Empowered steps back and lets the medical professionals work with the patient-prospect directly.  At month end, our billing process counts up the number of contacts made by facility and client facilities are invoiced.

Financial Model

Empowered Patient offers its services to patients free of charge.

Cancer Treatment Centers pay:

  • Fee for each patient treated.
  • Fee for each lead delivered.

Does a Performance Based Model Work?

  • Yes, Empowered Patient already has a secured relationship with a major national cancer treatment centers.
  • Empowered Doctor, the predecessor company to Empowered Patient, delivered hundreds of patients to this client that were worth 10s of millions of dollars of cancer care.